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Marianne Alleyne

Research Scientist

PhD, 2000, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Phone: 217-333-8652
Fax: 217-244-3499
Email: vanlaarh@life.illinois.edu
Twitter: @Cotesia1 (where I share my insights on Insect Physiology, BioInspiration, Biomimicry, Science Online, etc)

Marianne Alleyne

Marianne ("M") Alleyne is interested in the physiological mechanisms involved in determining host range of an insect parasitoid. My studies have mostly focused on the immune system and the metabolic pathways of the host in response to parasitization. I currently co-advise with Leellen Solter a PhD student who is looking into the differences in immune response at the proteomic level when gypsy moth is challenged by different pathogens and parasitoids.

More recently I have become very interested in how biological systems can lead innovation in human society (biological inspiration). Insects in particular can serve as inspiration for innovation. For instance, the way insect cuticle is formed and how it is recycled can teach us a lot about the hierarchical organization of many resilient materials, about conservation of resources, and about adaptability. Life on earth has been around for more than 3.5 billion years, there is a lot to be learned from nature, but there are also limitations (scale, "just good enough" principle, etc.). I teach BioInspiration in various forms on the University of Illinois campus (including on online course) in various departments. Contact me if you want to bring BioInspiration/Biomimicry into your curriculum.

In addition to being a Research Scientist in Entomology Department I am also the coordinator for the School of Integrative Biology's Online Learning Team. I have a Master Online Teaching Certificate and I welcome any questions about how best to integrate modern tech tools into your classroom (be it face-2-face or virtual).

Please visit my blog entitled "Insects did it first" where I write about how insects bioinspire us.