Prof. Crofts' lab suite is in the building connecting Chem Annex to Davenport Hall, on the ground floor.

Two ways to find Dr. Crofts' office, 149 Davenport Hall, and labs.

  1. The easiest way to find the office is from Chem Annex. Head south after entering through the north door, and you'll find a door with Dr. Crofts' name on it, which looks as if its 153a Chem Annex. Enter without knocking, and Dr. Crofts' offcie (149 Davenport Hall) is the first door on the right. The labs and other offices are off the corridor.
  2. From the parking lot between RAL and Chem Annex/Davenport (West side of Mathews), enter Davenport Hall through the door (up steps) halfway along the lot. Turn right, and right again to find 153 Davenport (in the NE corner of Davenport Hall), which gives access to the corridor of the Crofts lab suite, which also contains Dr. Crofts' office (149). The same corridor is accessed from 153A Chem Annex, but from the other end.