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Highlights of biochemistry:
molecular structures made visible


The examples of macromolecular structures may only be viewed when Chime is installed as a plug-in for Netscape or another suitable browser. Besides our scripts there are links to scripts mirrored here (e) or to other web sites (marked i).

Index           Conventions for viewing the scripts

Amino acid/peptide - tutorial (i Carnegie Mellon University)
Protein architecture: a tutorial (i Carnegie Mellon University) - protein G from Streptococcus

DNA: typical structure (e University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
DNA - complex with Hoechst 33258  /  DNA - complex with netropsin

Protein-DNA - interaction: repressors, polymerases, binding proteins, enhancer
Antibiotics and modifying enzymes
Sugar & Co.
Pores - channels - transport
Micellaneous - Luciferase, lysozyme etc.

Molecules in the news: Insulin mimetic L-783,281
Antibiotic from St. John's wort
More shelf life for fruits and flowers

About the invention of Chime: Hyperactive Molecules and the World-Wide-Web Information System, J. Chem. Soc., Perkin Trans 2, 1995, 7. (i)
More about Chime and RasMol (i University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

Want to have it all? Download all scripts (12 MB self extracting file)

I appreciate receiving suggestions and hints ! R Bergmann

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