Protein Data Viewer for Windows.

The PDVWIN program allows the user to view proteins and other molecules with coordinates in the PDB format of the Brookhaven Protein Data Bank. Currently, files for proteins and nucleic acids which conform to the PDB standard can be viewed. Other molecules can be viewed as Heteroatoms (HETATOM) as long as the coordinates are defined in standard HETATM lines, and are accompanied by an appropriate CONECT matrix.
The program has the following features:

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Ribosome model of pufX protein

Rendered picture of pufX protein

Photosystem II. Space filling model

Qb-site of photosystem II

Donor side of photosystem II

Light-harvesting complex

Ribosome model of LHCII helix

Cytochrome b

A decorated picture of the Qi-site