PSAAM Cartoons

The Helical Wheels Window has two viewing frames, each with two main areas. Helices from the current structural model are displayed in pages of 4 wheels each, using either frame.The two frames operate identically, and allow up to eight helical wheels to be viewed simultaneously.

The helical spans in the current structural model are identified, and represented as wheels, with each residue positioned 100 degrees around from the previous, and represented by color coded circles. Coding is according to the current index.

Areas are:

The picture shows the first eight helices from the model structure for cytochrome b from the bc-complex of Rb. sphaeroides. The current index is the Kyte-Doolittle hydropathy index. Hydrophobic residues are yellow; polar, uncharged residues are green; acidic residues are red; basic residues are blue.

The Helical Cylinders Window shows six helices from the structural model, represented as helical cylinders. The helices are displayed in pages of 6 helices. Selection of helical spans, color coding, etc. are as for the helical wheels.