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This is the introductory Home Page for the Crofts laboratory (A. R. Crofts), at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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Our main work at present is directed towards an understanding of the bc1 complex, and detailed structural, spectroscopic and theoretical studies of the Q-cycle mechanism. More information about some of the research projects in the lab, and useful links to other biophysics and photosynthesis sites, can be found under the

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A personal research interest is in information fluxes in the biosphere , and various practical and philosophical problems that arise from a new look at the nature of semantic transmission.


Tony Crofts no longer teaches, but access to some courses may still be available:

Biophysics 354 - Biological Energy Conversion

Chemistry 440B (Fall semester) - Physical Biochemistry I

Biochemistry/MCB 446 (Spring semester) - Physical Biochemistry II

People in the Lab

Tony Crofts
Sangjin Hong
Sangmoon Lhee
Charles Wilson
Doreen Victoria
Will Beeler
Sara Poirier
Adeline Agut


Vlad Shinkarev

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Electron transfer rate calculator, - Java applet using corrected Moser-Dutton, or classical Marcus, equations.

Marcus-Bronsted program for analysis of energy-gap law parameters determining the kinetics of the rate-limiting reaction at the Qo-site of the bc1 complex. Files available include executable program, Visual Basic source code, and Manual.

Two useful shareware programs for protein modelling in the Windows environment can be downloaded from our anonymous ftp site. Try out a Chime Protein Viewer, and PSAAM (Protein Sequence Analysis And Modelling).

Simulation of entanglement showing that a local realistic model that retains vectorial information can generate outcomes claimed to show non-locality, with 'violation' of Bell's inequalities impossible with under local realism.

Current draft of "Entanglement re-examined: Since Bell got it wrong, maybe Einstein had it right" including Supplementary Information, and recent revisions.


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