Catherine Dana  
Department of Entomology  
University of Illinois  

My current project involves looking at the exposure of honey bees to toxins in their diet. Specifically I am interested in if honey bees can detect and avoid exposure to dietary neurotoxins.


Previous research projects have included:

Staff Research Associate under the guidance of Professor Robert Steele
From 4/2008 – 8/2011 (As intern/junior specialist from 4/2006 - 4/2008)
Biological Chemistry Department - School of Medicine – University of California, Irvine

Worked on the development of a system for inducible expression of transgenes in the freshwater cnidarian, Hydra, based on the GeneSwitch system. Worked towards creating a line of Hydra that allowed for site specific integration of transgenes based on phage integrase system. Presented data at lab meetings, interacted with visiting scholars, and performed general lab maintenance. Attended “International Workshop: The evolution of multicellularity: insights from Hydra and other basal metazoans” in Tutzing, Germany (2009).

Field Assistant for Professor Steven Beissinger and Amber Budden
Environmental Science, Policy and Management Dept.
University of California, Berkeley – Berkeley, CA

Assisted in a research project on Green-Rumped Parrotlet behavior. Gained experience with crop feeding of nestlings, mist-netting, wildlife photography, video equipment, and analysis of behavioral data.