Antarctic waters are home to members of the five families belonging to the perciform suborder Notothenioidei. Among these highly cold-adapted species the cryopelagic Pagothenia borchgrevinki from the family Notothenioidei inhabits the region’s coldest and iciest waters. As part of a project to understand how this species’ transcriptional response to heat has been impacted by its long evolution in constant freezing temperature we sequenced a reference transcriptome. This transcriptome was prepared from a normalized cDNA library prepared from RNA extracted from multiple tissues from specimens at ambient water temperatures, those warm acclimating to 4°C, and finally, placed under acute heat stress. Below, links are provided to the raw sequence as well as the provisional and annotated assemblies of the transcriptome used in the study.


Initial Assembly of the Reference transcriptome: FASTA formatted file

Reference transcriptome after clustering contigs: FASTA formatted file

Annotated portion of the reference transcriptome: FASTA formatted file
Associated GO annotations: tab delimited file


454 pyrosequencing results for the P. borchgrevinki normalized library are available here

Illumina sequenced liver and gill samples from native P. borchgrevinki are available here