IB 496: Introduction to Beekeeping

Instructor: Alex Wild (alexwild@life.illinois.edu)
Dates: Summer Session II, June 13 - August 8 2011
Syllabus click for syllabus
Lecture: Monday, Wednesday 9:00-9:50am; Natural History Building 315

Wednesday 10:00-12:50pm; Natural History Building 315
Friday 10:00-12:50pm; Perkins Road Apiary

Office hours Thursday 1:00-3:00; Natural History Building 315
Lecture slides & readings Class Readings & Powerpoint Presentations
Textbook (optional) Kevan, Peter G. "Bees: Biology and Management "
Credit hours 2

Introductory biology recommended

CRN 35584

Honey bees are our partners in agriculture, providing pollination services for numerous crops and supplying honey, wax, and other products. This hands-on introductory course will equip students with the skills to manage small apiaries for honey production. Additional lecture topics include bee biology, genetics, social evolution, pests & diseases, native pollinators, and a history of apiculture.

Students are expected to supply their own veils and protective clothing. We recommend the following suppliers:

Dadant & Sons
Long Lane Honey Bee Farms

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