Lab members

Dr Karen E. Sears (PI)

Assoc Prof, Animal Biology
Faculty Member, IGB

Karen is interested in the developmental mechanisms driving morphologic diversification in mammals.

Office: 465 Morrill Hall,
Email: ksears2 at

dr Jen Maier (postdoc)

Jen is investigating the developmental and genetic regulation of mammalian limb diversification, as well as vertebral development in opossums.

Office: 465A Morrill Hall, Email: jmaier at

Dr Alexa Sadier (postdoc)

Alexa is investigating the genomic, cellular, and developmental basis of the evolutionary diversification of the sensory systems and teeth of bats.

Office: 465A Morrill Hall, Email: asadier at

Dan Urban (phd student)

Dan has strong interests in evo-devo and paleo, especially in evolutionary transitions. He is studying the evo and devo of the mammalian middle ear.

Office: 465A Morrill Hall, Email: djurban2 at