Felipe Soto-Adames

Current address:

Department of Biology

120a Marsh Life Science Building

University of Vermont


VT 05405

Phone: 802-656-2922

Email: fsotoada@zoo.uvm.edu


Felipe, along with his wife Rosanna Giordano, moved in the Fall of 1998 to the Department of Biology at the University of Vermont at Burlington, by way of the Department of Biology at the University of Connecticut at Storrs. He was on a NSF Minority Postdoctoral Fellowship studying speciation in Carribean Collembola and worked in the lab of Jan Conn. He subsequently supported this work with a NSF grant, and then joined the lab of Jim Vigoreaux working on muscle genes in insects, where he is now a Research Associate Professor.

For his PhD Felipe completed a molecular phylogeny of the Collembola (known as springtails and a group, either order or class depending on your taxanomic view, near the base of the insects) by sequencing full-length 18S rRNA genes from more than 26 species representing all the major families. This work is under revision for publication.

As you can see Collembola are his passion, particularly those of Puerto Rico, so here is his Catalogue of them. For further information on Collembola, see the Tree of Life page on them.

Papers derived from Felipe's work with us are:

Soto-Adames, F. N., H. M. Robertson and S. H. Berlocher 1994. Phylogenetic usefulness of partial DNA sequences of G6pdh in hexapod systematics. Ann. Ent. Soc. Amer. 87, 723-736.

Robertson, H. M., F. N. Soto-Adames, K. K. O. Walden, R. M. P. Avancini, and D. J. Lampe. 1998. The mariner transposons of animals: horizontally jumping genes. In: Horizontal Gene Transfer. Ed. M. Syvanen and C. Kado. pp 268-284. Chapman and Hall, London.

Lampe, D. J., D. J. Witherspoon, F. N. Soto-Adames, and H. M. Robertson. 2003. Recent horizontal transfer of mellifera subfamily mariner transposons into insect lineages representing four different orders shows that selection acts only during horizontal transfer. Molecular Biology and Evolution 20, 554-562.

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