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Model simulations for four other sites

The model closely simulates the trends of sorghum dry matter production for three of the four sites (Figs. 2a, 2b and 2d, Appendix II). Regression r2 values are presented in Table 12, Appendix II. Although the model predicts the magnitude of maximum above ground and stem dry matter production for the crop grown at Thebes, the timing of the change in dry matter production, and the magnitude of LAI are not so well predicted (Fig. 2c, Appendix II). The magnitude of above ground dry matter production for the crops grown at both Policoro (latitude 40.2oN) and Lusignan (latitude 46.4oN) are closely simulated (Figs 2a and 2b), but the model underestimates the maximum dry matter produced by the crop grown at Guadiano (latitude 41.05oN) by nearly 10%.

If the simulation for crop growth at Catania is included (Fig. 1a) then the model simulates maximum above ground dry matter production to within 10% for all five sites used in model construction, and to within 5% for four out of the five sites.

Model testing

The first test of the model against data of a crop grown within the current project by the partners at ISA, Bari is presented. The results of model simulations are compared with observed data in Figure 3a, Appendix II. The model simulation correlates well with observed stem and above ground dry matter production, with r2 values of 0.91 and 0.87, respectively, although leaf development is not well predicted (Figs. 3b and 3c, Appendix II). Also, although the model predicts above ground and stem dry matter production at the end of the growing season, early development is not so well predicted (Fig. 3b).

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