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Overall objectives remain to link a mechanistic model of cell-to-plant photosynthesis, such as WIMOVAC, constructed by the ESSEX partners (Humphries and Long, 1995), with a phenological crop model of sorghum yield, such as CERES, adapted for sorghum by the INRA partners (Jegu, 1994; Medeiros, 1997). The model should be designed for use by scientists and managers, and should be able to be run on a standard PC with Microsoft Windows.

It had been agreed that ESSEX would construct the above ground model, and INRA would work on modelling the below ground processes.

The workplan for this period was

1) to incorporate the crop phenological stages of sorghum determined by elapsed thermal times, above a base temperature, into WIMOVAC, based on the growth stages of the CERES-Sorghum model.

  1. to adjust the model, based on the relationships within the CERES-Sorghum model, to simulate the observed dry matter production of sorghum crops grown in five locations within Southern Europe.

3) to test the model against experimental data.

No changes to the workplan beyond those reported previously.



Contract No. FAIR CT96 1913

Code: 08

Partner: University of Essex, UK

Scientist Responsible: Prof. S.P. Long

Administrative Officer: Mr. A.F. Woodburn, Registrar

Reporting Period: November 1997 to April 1998.

Report compiled by: M.J. Martin, S.P. Long & S.W. Humphries

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