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Windows Intuitive Model Of Vegetation response to Atmospheric & Climate change

The purpose of this work was to develop a general model (WIMOVAC) applicable to a wide range of vegetation and soil types and importantly for this to be accessible, as an experimental tool, to managers, students and experimentalists.

Our remit was therefore to develop a modular mathematical model of the carbon balance of vegetation and related systems, which would allow prediction of responses to climate change, and which would also allow non-specialist users to vary parameters, numerical assumptions, vegetation, climate and atmospheric variables, and in a straightforward fashion to visualize their outcomes.

A further key specification was for the model to be easy to use, to include online documentation describing model assumptions and structures as well has how to operate the software and for the program to be widely available on equipment found commonly in research laboratories.

Download introductory comments

FILE.GIF (5459 bytes) WIMOVAC Introductory Comments Powerpoint 97. 1.6Mb. 04/08/98.

Download the WIMOVAC Outline schematic

FILE.GIF (5459 bytes) WIMOVAC outline schematic Powerpoint 97 file. 132kb. 04/08/98.

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