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Downloading the WIMOVAC disks

WIMOVAC is made up of many files which have to be installed into various directories on a computers hard disk and requires that certain OLE functions are registered with the Windows operating system.

Normally WIMOVAC is distributed on 6 floppy disks each with a capacity of 1.4Mb but in order to facilitate deployment of WIMOVAC over the Internet all of these file have been compressed into a single executable file which when downloaded and run will expand into the files necessary for installation.

Start by downloading the WIMOVAC Internet file appropriate for your operating system. Currently there a 2 versions of WIMOVAC available. A 16 bit version suitable for Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroups and a 32 bit version suitable for Windows 95 and Windows NT version 3.51 and later. Ensure that you select the appropriate download file and to save the file when it is downloaded to an empty directory on your hard disk.

FILE.GIF (5459 bytes) Download the 32 bit WIMOVAC (WIM32.EXE, 7Mb, Date 10/06/96)
FILE.GIF (5459 bytes) Download the 16 bit WIMOVAC (WIM16.EXE, 7Mb, Date 10/06/96)
FILE.GIF (5459 bytes) WINSORG Application (WINSORG Application) 8.1 Mb, 24/08/09

Once the file is downloaded use your Windows File Manager to run the file which will then automatically decompress to give all of the files necessary for WIMOVAC installation. The installation program will run automatically after decompression and will install the Wimovac programs and documents into appropriate directories on your hard disk for you.

Download the WIMOVAC Outline schematic

FILE.GIF (5459 bytes) WIMOVAC outline schematic Powerpoint 97 file. 132kb.

Downloading the UNEP Grassland Database

For a 16 bit version of the grassland database suitable for all versions of Windows

FILE.GIF (5459 bytes) Download the 16 bit Grassland Database (GRASS16.EXE, 3Mb, Date 20/08/96)

See also: Grasslands

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