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Prof. Steve Long

Main current research interests are in:

  1. The effects of rising tropospheric carbon dioxide and ozone levels on photosynthesis in natural vegetation and in crops; 
  2. Low temperature C4 photosynthesis. 

Research projects concern the following areas:  

The mechanistic basis of the effects of rising tropospheric levels of carbon dioxide and ozone concentrations on photosynthesis in wheat, ryegrass, and a range of native UK herbaceous species. 
Low temperature tolerance of C4 photosynthesis in temperature grasses of the genera Miscanthus and Spartina 
Development of process-based mathematical models of photosynthesis, to relate changes at the biochemical level to changes at the canopy level. 
the mechanistic basis of ozone damage to leaves 

My research group is using a suite of high-light controlled environments to test hypotheses under closely controlled and repeatable conditions and then test applicability to the field via our collaborative links with a series of large-scale field experiments - including those established in the GCTE- FACE experiments in the USA and Switzerland. My research at the University of Essex is funded by grants from BBSRC, EU, and NERC; and in the USA by the US-DoE.  

Other research interests are:

limits on the photosynthetic productivity of terrestrial vegetation 
mechanistic mathematical models of photosynthesis 
primary productivity of tropical grasslands 
salt tolerance in plants and saltmarsh ecophysiology 

Research interests:

My main interests are the effects of atmospheric changes in carbon dioxide and ozone on photosynthesis in crops and native vegetation. This scales from studies of changes at the level of gene expression, through leaf photosynthesis to changes in canopy gas exchange and crop growth. My atmospheric change research uses both the large controlled environment facility recently established at the University of Essex and, through my collaboration with Brookhaven National Laboratory, the three major Free Air Carbon dioxide Enrichment (FACE) experiments.

Other Activities:

Editor of the Plants and Climate Change Section of the journal Plant Cell and Environment
Editor-in-Chief of the journal Global Change Biology
Co-ordinator of the TIGER IV.1 consortium: Ecophysiological Responses of Organisms to Changes in Carbon Dioxide and Climate.
Chairperson of the Working Group on Photosynthetic Responses of Vegetation to Atmospheric Change for EC COST ACTION 619.

Research Papers 

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Recently published reviews:

LONG, S.P., HUMPHRIES, S. & FALKOWSKI, P.G. (1994) Photoinhibition of photosynthesis in nature. Annual Reviews of Plant Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology 45, 633-662.  
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Recently edited books:

HALL, D.O., SCURLOCK, J.M.O., BOLHAR-NORDENKAMPF, H.O., LEEGOOD, R.C. & LONG, S.P. (1993) Photosynthesis and Production in a Changing Environment: a Field and Laboratory Manual. Chapman & Hall, London. 464 pp. LONG, S.P., ROBERTS, M.J. & JONES, M.B. (1992) Primary Productivity of Tropical Ecosystems. Chapman & Hall, London, 267 pp. LONG, S.P., WOODWARD, F.I. (1988) Plants and Temperature, Symposium of the Society for Experimental Biology, Cambridge University Press. 406 pp.  


Dr. Marion Martin

My main input for WIMOVAC has been the construction of the model to simulate the effects of ozone exposure on wheat photosynthesis. This formed part of my PhD thesis, together with a proposed mechanistically-rich model for isoprene emission. I am currently involved in work for the European Sorghum Group adapting the wheat growth module of WIMOVAC to form a crop growth model for sorghum. In addition, as part of the preliminary work on the new FACE project based in Michigan, USA, I am investigating a process-based model to simulate the effects of ozone on aspen photosynthesis.

Recent Publications: MARTIN M.J. (1997) Models of the interactive effects of rising ozone, carbon dioxide and temperature on canopy carbon dioxide exchange and isoprene emission. PhD. Thesis, University of Essex. MARTIN M.J., HUMPHRIES S.W., FARAGE P.K., McKEE, I.F. & LONG S.P. (1995) in: Photosynthesis: From Light to Biosphere, Vol 5, ed. Mathis P., pp. 829-832.


Mr. Steve Humphries

I am chiefly responsible for the technical aspects of development for WIMOVAC, WOFTS and this web site. Questions relating to these issues should be addressed to me directly by e-mail at: the address given below.

Research Papers 

HUMPHRIES, S.A. & LONG, S.P. (1995) WIMOVAC: a software package for modelling the dynmaics of plant leaf and canopy photosynthesis. CABIOS 11, 361-371

Humphries, S.W., Jones, M.B., Long, S.P. & Morison, J.I.L.(1998) Development and Testing of a Mechanistic Model of Papyrus (Cyperus papyrus L.) Canopy Carbon Exchange using Eddy Covariance. Submitted to Biosphere/Geosphere Sciences.

Martin, M. J. & Humphries, S.W. (1995) A Mechanistic Model For the Prediction Of the Effects Of Rising Tropospheric Ozone Concentration On Wheat Photosynthesis. Photosynthesis: From Light to Biosphere, Vol. 5. Mathis. P: 829-832.

Long, S.P., Osborne, C.P. & Humphries S.W. (1998) Photosynthesis, Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration and Climate Change. In: Global Change Effects on Coniferous Forests and Grassland edited by A.I. Breymeyer, D.O.Hall, J.M. Mellilo and G.I. Agren. SCOPE 56 - John Wiley & Sons. New York.


Recently published reviews:

LONG, S.P., HUMPHRIES, S. & FALKOWSKI, P.G. (1994) Photoinhibition of photosynthesis in nature. Annual Reviews of Plant Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology 45, 633-662.  

Other published material:

Steensgard, J., Humphries, S.W. & Spragg, S.P. (1996) Measurement of Sedimentation Coefficients. In: Preparative Centrifugation edited by Rickwood D. The Practical Approach Series. IRL Press Ltd. New York.

Spragg, S.P., Steensgard, J. & Humphries, S.W. (1996) Theoretical Aspects of Practical Centrifugation. In: Preparative Centrifugation edited by Rickwood D. The Practical Approach Series. IRL Press Ltd. New York.

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