Faculty research facilities consist of high-quality research laboratories, well equipped with state-of-the-art biophysical, biochemical, physiological, and molecular biological apparatus. Some of the sophisticated and novel instrumentation was developed by the faculty for laboratory and field use on intact plant systems. There are also a large number of growth chambers, greenhouses, and extensive field plots.

In addition to the basic research facilities of the faculty, the University provides outstanding resources and service facilities for research. The Biotechnology Center includes the W.M. Keck Center for Comparative and Functional Genomics, Protein Sciences Facility, Flow Cytometry Facility, and Immunological Resource Center; a Molecular Spectroscopy Laboratory, EPR Center, and Fluorescence Dynamics Laboratory; and many shop facilities for machine, electronics, and glass work, staffed with highly trained personnel.

The campus is also exceptionally well endowed with computing facilities, including the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, and extensive campus-wide networking.

The University Library’s resources for advanced study and research are exceptional. It is the largest public university library in the world, with more than 9 million bound volumes and over 15.9 million items. This wealth of information is housed in the main library and 37 departmental libraries.


School of Integrative Biology

University of Illinois

Updated 8/13/08