Physiology & Development
Systematics & Evolution
Biochemistry & Genetics
Ecology & Climate Change
ISWS = Illinois State Water Survey
NRES = Natural Resources & Env. Sci.
INHS = Illinois Natural History Survey
NSRC = National Soybean Research Lab
NRB = Natural Resources Building
NRSA = Natural Resources Studies Annex
ERML = Edward R. Madigan Laboratory
IGB = Institute for Genomic Biology
RAEL = Robert A Evers Laboratory
Lisa Ainsworth
Associate Professor
147 ERML MC-051
(217) 265-9887
Plant physiological and molecular responses to global change, leaf growth and development, photosynthesis and carbohydrate metabolism
Carol Augspurger
155 Morrill MC-116
(217) 333-1298
Phenology of trees and herbs, wind dispersal, seed and seedling ecology of tropical trees, plant-pathogen interactions.
May Berenbaum
216D Morrill MC-118
(217) 333-7784
Chemical interactions between insects and host plants and their implications in the organization of natural communities
Carl Bernacchi Carl Bernacchi
Associate Professor
193 ERML MC-051
(217) 333-8048
Impacts of climate change on crop physiology, energy fluxes between the atmosphere and plant canopies, carbon sequestration, canopy responses to stress
Li-Qing Chen Li-Qing Chen
Assistant Professor
379 ERML MC-051
Control of sugar allocation to improve crop yield or biomass for food and biofuels
JessC Jessica Conroy
Assistant Professor
Paleoclimate, climate change, stable water isotopes, tropical Pacific and Monsoon Asia climate variability, western North American drought
Jim Dalling James Dalling
Professor & Department Head
149 Morrill MC-116
(217) 244-8914
Tropical forest regeneration, seed and seedling ecology, pioneer species
Evan DeLucia
Arends Professor
1404 IGB MC-116
(217) 333-6177
Physiological ecology of vascular plants, photosynthesis, plant architecture, stress, climate change
Stephen Downie
239 Morrill MC-116
(217) 333-1275
Molecular systematics and phylogeny of extant angiosperms, with emphasis on Apiaceae (Umbelliferae), chloroplast genome structural evolution
Jennifer Fraterrigo
W-423 Turner Hall, MC-047
(217) 333-9428

Landscape and Ecosystem Ecology
Katy Heath
Assistant Professor
249 Morrill MC-116
(217) 265-5473
Evolution of mutualisms, particularly between plants and microbes
Feng Sheng Hu
Grim Professor &
Associate Dean
177 Morrill MC-116
(217) 244-2982
Ecosystem ecology, quaternary paleoecology, climatic change and biotic response, soil and sediment biogeochemistry
Steve Huber
197 ERML MC-051
(217) 265-0909
Regulation of carbon and nitrogen metabolism in source and sink tissues with emphases on nitrate reductase, sucrose synthase and protein kinase specificity
Tom Jacobs
Associate Professor
331 ERML MC-051
(217) 333-1518
Environmental control of plant development; quantitative genetics & microevolution, cell division, axillary growth, stomatal development
Andrew Leakey
Associate Professor
1402 IGB MC-116
(217) 244-0302
Integrative genomic, physiological and ecological analysis of biofuel crops and plant responses to environmental change
Steve Long
Gutgsell Professor
134 IGB
(217) 333-2487
Environmental physiology, atmospheric change impacts on crops and natural vegetation, C4 photosynthesis, energy crops, mathematical models of photosynthesis
amc Amy Marshall-Colon
Assistant Professor
193 ERML
(217) 300-1430
Plant Systems Biology; Investigating the molecular interface between primary and secondary metabolism using metabolomics, genomics and epigenomics
Andrew Miller
Affiliate (INHS)
2003 RAEL MC-652
(217) 244-0439
Character evolution of ascomycetes with emphasis on members of the Class Sordariomycetes, biodiversity and biogeography of ascomycetes
Ray Ming
148 ERML MC-051
(217) 333-1221
Evolution of primitive sex chromosomes, genome structure of papaya, sugarcane, coffee and pineapple
Brenda Molano-Flores
Affiliate (INHS)
387 NRB MC-652
(217) 265-8165
Prairie restoration, plant-insect interactions, reproductive biology of plants, population biology, conservation biology
jamesO James O'Dwyer
Assistant Professor
183 Morrill Hall MC-116
(217) 244-7086
Theoretical ecology; Macroecological patterns; host-associated microbial communities; phylogenetic community ecology
Don Ort
Emerson Professor
1406 IGB MC-195
(217) 333-2093
Molecular and biochemical basis for environmental effects on photosynthesis, photosynthetic energy transduction
Surangi Punyasena
Associate Professor
Associate Head and DGS
139 Morrill MC-116
(217) 244-8049
Role of climate in long-term evolution of Neotropical forests; quantitative palynology
Mary Schuler
161 ERML MC-051
(217) 333-8784
Pre-mRNA processing, P450 monooxygenases and their role in plant-insect interactions
Profile Photo Diwakar Shukla
115 Roger Adams Laboratory
600 S. Mathews, MC 712 Urbana, IL 61801
Computational modeling of stress and energy signaling enzymes in plants.
Tandy Warnow
3235 Siebel Center
(217) 300-3087

Algorithms and software development for challenging phylogenomic estimation, multiple sequence alignment, and metagenomics

Wendy Yang Wendy Yang
Assistant Professor
639 Morrill MC-116
(217) 244-2614

terrestrial biogeochemistry, ecosystem ecology, stable isotope ecology, soil-atmosphere greenhouse gas dynamics, climate change

Ray Zielinski
192 ERML MC-051
(217) 333-6785
Calmodulin, calcium-binding proteins, signal transduction, regulation of gene expression

Emeritus Faculty

(no longer accepting graduate students)
Hans Bohnert Hans Bohnert
196 ERML MC-051
Molecular physiology and engineering of plant stress tolerance
Don Briskin
Don Briskin
380 NSRC MC-637
(217) 244-1115
Plant products, medicinal plants, environmental effects on plant natural product chemistry
John Cheeseman John Cheeseman
283 Morrill MC-116
(217) 333-2385
Control and integration of resource acquisition and allocation in plants, organismal physiology, photosynthesis, nutrient transport; mathematical modeling
Richard Crang Richard Crang
655 Morrill MC-116
(217) 333-0616
Microscopic analysis of plants and fungi under environmental stress
Jeff Dawson
1316 PSL MC-634
(217) 333-9281
Symbiotic nitrogen fixation by woody plants, forest ecophysiology, soil microbiology, plant nitrogen nutrition, silviculture, forest ecology, urban forestry
669 Morrill MC-116
(217) 333-1794
History of photosynthesis
Tom Phillips
65 Morrill MC-116
(217) 333-0653
Paleobotany with an emphasis on flora of the Carboniferous period
Archie Portis
193 ERML MC-051
(217) 333-3083
Biochemistry, physiology and molecular biology of Rubisco and Rubisco activase
Kenneth Robertson
393 NRB MC-653
(217) 244-2171
Systematics with emphases on Rosaceae, Amaranthaceae and Convolvulaceae, flowering plants of the Illinois prairie
Malcolm Sargent
629 Morrill MC-116
(217) 333-0287
Creation of user friendly, perspective oriented guides for the identification of bryophytes (mosses, liverworts and hornworts)
David Seigler
633 Morrill MC-116
(217) 333-7577
Phytochemistry, chemical ecology, plant systematics, secondary products as mosquito insecticides, antioxidants from berries, systematics of Acacia species.
Carol Shearer
655 Morrill MC-116
(217) 333-2796
Ecology of freshwater saprophytic fungal communities, systematics and biogeography of freshwater ascomycetes and fungi imperfecti