Walter Hill


Affiliate, Illinois Natural History Survey
Center for Aquatic Ecology
133 Natural Resources Study Annex  MC-652
(217) 244-2301


Ph.D., 1987, University of California, Davis
M.A., 1976, University of California, Davis
B.A., 1974, State University of New York, Binghamton



My laboratory does research on primary producers and the animals that eat them in aquatic ecosystems.  I am especially interested in the two-way interactions between algal biofilms and their environment.  My laboratory has projects that examine nutrient use and recycling in streams, connections between inland waters and their surrounding terrestrial landscapes, changes in biofilm ecophysiology during succession and development, and carbon stable isotope dynamics in algae.  We are also beginning to study the bioenergetics and ecological stoichiometry of invasive Asian carp in an effort to predict their potential impact in the Great Lakes.


Roberts, B. J., P. J. Mulholland, and W. R. Hill.  In Press.  Multiple scales of temporal variability in ecosystem metabolism rates:  results from two years of continuous monitoring in a forested headwater stream. Ecosystems


Hill, W. R., and R. G. Middleton.  2006.  Changes in carbon stable isotope ratios during periphyton development.  Limnology and Oceanography 51: 2360-2369. 


Hauer, F. R., and W. R. Hill.  2006.  Temperature, light, and oxygen.  In F. R. Hauer and G. A. Lamberti [eds.], Stream Ecology: Field and Laboratory Exercises, Second Edition. Academic Press.