Professor Emeritus of Biophysics and of Plant Biology
Center of Biophysics and Computational Biology
669 Morrill Hall MC-116
(217) 333-1794


Ph.D., 1960, University of Illinois
M.Sc., 1954, University of Allahabad
B.Sc., 1952, University of Allahabad


My current research emphasis is in the molecular understanding of how plants protect themselves against excess light. We are using chlorophyll fluorescence as a tool, particularly FLIM (fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy) to monitor nonphotochemical quenching mutants of Chlamydomonas and Arabidopsis. Synthesis of information on the structure and function of Photosystem II (PSII), particularly the roles of bicarbonate, remains my passion. My major interest now is in the history and the conceptual development of photosynthesis research at all levels. I am interested in the scientific controversies and the people involved in this research. Life and contributions of William Arnold; Daniel Arnon; Andrew Benson; Robert Emerson; Eugene Rabinowitch; and Otto Warburg are of particular interest to me. In addition, dissemination of the available information on photosynthesis, through the internet and publication of books, to all ages 5-105, is a major goal.


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