Stephen R. Downie


Professor of Plant Biology
Program in Ecology, Evolution & Conservation Biology
Associate Curator, UIUC Vascular Plant Herbarium
239 Morrill  MC-116
(217) 333-1275


B.Sc., 1982, University of Guelph
Ph.D., 1988, University of Alberta, Canada
Postdoctoral positions, University of Michigan and Indiana University


IB 100 Biological Sciences

IB 335 Systematics of Plants


Despite multidisciplinary studies using non-molecular characters, historical relationships among and within many families of flowering plants remain unclear. Reconstruction of phylogenies from molecular data has become  increasingly common in systematics and has provided valuable insight into evolutionary processes and relationships. We are using the record of molecular change contained within the chloroplast and nuclear genomes to trace evolutionary histories and to determine phylogenetic relationships in several groups of flowering plants.


Unique structural rearrangements of the chloroplast genome are useful as systematic characters, in part because their rarity suggests phylogenetic stability. Of additional interest is the detection, characterization, and phylogenetic circumscription of these structural mutations.


Currently, we are reconstructing the evolutionary history of Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) and elucidating patterns of character evolution using both molecular and morphological data. By integrating all available evidence, a revised higher-level classification of these diverse and economically important plants is resulting.


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