Jeffrey Dawson


Professor, Natural Resources & Environmental Science
Affiliate, Department of Plant Biology
Program in Ecology, Evolution & Conservation Biology
Physiological and Molecular Plant Biology Program
1316 Plant Sciences Laboratory MC-634
(217) 333-9281


Ph.D., Iowa State University, 1978
M. S., Iowa State University, 1973
B. S., Iowa State University, 1971


NRES 211, Forest Ecology Field Studies
NRES 219, Introduction to Ecosystem Management
NRES 416, Forest Biology
NRES 426, Tree Physiology
NRES 590, Professionalism & Ethics

Research Overview

My primary research focus has been the ecophysiology of non-leguminous, woody plants that fix nitrogen symbiotically with a root-nodulating actinomycete of the genus Frankia. These actinorhizal trees and shrubs are important in the nitrogen economies of forests, rangelands, deserts, and wetlands worldwide. Some species, such as alder trees, are valuable timber crops. Others are used as fuelwood, for reclamation of disturbed lands such as minespoils, in agroforestry, in wildlife habitat management, and as components of the urban landscape. My other academic pursuits are in the general area of forest biology and include forest ecology, tree physiology, soil microbiology, silviculture, and urban forestry.


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