Patrick J. Weatherhead

Ph.D., Queen's University 1978
Professor of Behavioral Ecology, Department of Natural Resources
and Environmental Sciences and Department of Animal Biology, University of Illinois
Senior Professional Scientist, Illinois Natural History Survey

University of Illinois
606 E. Healey Ave.
Champaign, IL 61820
(217) 244-0319


My research addresses a variety of questions about the behavior and ecology of animals. Most often those animals are snakes and birds, although I have been involved in some projects on other taxa. Conceptually, some of my research is specific to one of the taxonomic groups I study (e.g., thermal ecology of snakes) whereas I have investigated other topics in more than one group (e.g., sexual selection in birds and snakes; parental care in birds and fish). Also, some research involves interactions among taxa (e.g., snake predation on birds' nests). Thus, although my publications are organized taxonomically, there are publications relevant to some topics in more than one list, and publications involving interactions among taxa have been somewhat arbitrarily assigned to a particular list. With retirement visible on the horizon I am winding down my graduate program. However, my former student and now colleague Jinelle Sperry has started her own graduate program here and she and I are collaborating on research and grad training for the next few years ( Please contact Dr. Sperry with inquiries about graduate work (

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