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Molecular biochemical basis for environmental effects on photosynthesis and photosynthetic energy transduction

The Ort Lab

The Ort laboratory is investigating the underlying causes and molecular basis for inhibition of photosynthesis by low temperature exposure and drought as well as the response of plants to increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide and surface ozone levels. Growth and photosynthetic performance of plants are frequently diminished by commonly occurring environmental conditions. For instance, in a fairly diverse group of plant species, a persistent inhibition of photosynthesis occurs when plants are exposed to cold or freezing temperatures. In canola, exposure to freezing temperature during seed set interferes with the degradation of chlorophyll leading to a persistence of green color to the seeds, devaluing the oil. Our research on elevated CO2 and ozone centers on SoyFACE, the Free Air CO2 Enrichment facility at the University of Illinois. Research approaches used are at many levels involving molecular, biochemical, and whole plant studies.

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last updated April 3, 2007