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Sim template

A template for fixed-time-step simulation

Falling ball

A red ball falls under constant acceleration.

Bouncing ball

A red ball falls and bounces.

Multi balls 1

Multiple balls using object-oriented design.

Multi balls 2

Change representation to (speed, heading); add boundary conditions.

Wander 1

Wander behavior; slider control

Wander 2

Wandering with trails.

Twitchy bugs

Wandering bugs with too much caffeine (uniform random noise)

Mellow bugs

Wandering bugs with smooth motion (low-pass filter); also watery, Perlin-noise background.

Week 3 homework

Exploring the effects of wander noise on foraging efficiency.

Week 4 homework

Different kinesis strategies influence the spatial distribution of agents.

Week 5 homework

Braitenberg vehicles


Week 6 homework

Using GAs to evolve Braitenberg controllers

Week 7 homework

Evolving a C. elegans inspired controller

Brait spiking

A Braitenberg controller using integrate-and-fire neurons

Threshold Logic

Solving the XOR problem with Threshold Logic Units

Week 8 homework

Action selection / Finite-state machines / Area-restricted search

Week 9 homework

Lamprey place-code to rate-code conversion; integrate-and-fire neurons

Week 11 homework

Associative learning, estimating rewards, action policies

Week 12 homework

Reinforcement learning in a grid world; Q-learning with tables

Week 13 homework

Reinforcement learning with neural networks

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