MCB 419 Homework 2

In this assignment you'll be exploring simple movement strategies... orthokinesis, klinokinesis, and adaptive klinokinesis ('run-tumble').

From an information processing perspective, one of the first challenges that early organisms encountered several billion years ago was that resources were not uniformly distributed throughout the environment. The nutrients needed for growth and reproduction were probably patchy in both space and time.

Once organisms evolved primitive mechanisms for self-propulsion they could implement a variety of simple behavioral strategies that would increase their resource acquisition efficiency in different types of environments.

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Here are some videos to give you an idea of what the different strategies should look like. You'll have to write the NetLogo code to make it happen!

Videos: hw02-klinokinesis (0:55), hw02-orthokinesis (0:37), hw02-adaptive-klino (0:39)

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