MCB 419 Project #2 (Spring 2009)

Individual Project #2

Final version due **MONDAY** May 4 (NOTE: MON, not TUE)

This is your final project, in which you will create a 'virtual pet' incorporating many of the information processing principles that we have covered in class this semester.

Your final project must be turned in **MONDAY** MAY 4 (NOTE CHANGE IN DAY). You will 'demo' your virtual pet project to your classmates on the last day of class, TUE MAY 5.

Answer the questions found on the 'Assignment' tab and email your responses along with a copy of the netlogo file to with 'proj2' in the Subject line.

This assignment is due by 11:59PM (midnight) on MONDAY May 4.

Design Guidelines for your Intelligent Virtual Pet(s)

The goal for your final project is to use your creativity and imagination to create an 'intelligent' virtual pet and its virtual environment in NetLogo.

Your pet should incorporate and integrate several of the information processing principles we've discussed in class this semester. Your project might take inspiration from actual pets (fish in an aquarium, ants in an ant farm, dogs, cats, hamsters, etc.), or you can create your own imaginary species.

You can have multiple individuals and multiple species in the environment. The project evaluation (see below) will be based on the properties of the most intelligent species in your project (the one that incorporates the most information processing features).

The final project is worth 5 points: 4 points for implementation and 1 point for your in-class presentation on May 5.

Implementation points for final project (4 POINTS MAX)

In-class presentation (1 POINT)

On Tuesday, May 5, each student will give a 5-minute presentation of their virtual pet to the class. This will be in the form of a NetLogo demonstration using the classroom computer, or the student's own laptop. During the demo, the presenter should illustrate how the information processing features listed above are integrated into their pet's behavioral repertoire.


You can access a copy of the assignment file HERE, or copy and paste from the text below.