Welcome to MCB 402, Systems and Integrative Physiology

The aim of this course is to teach advanced undergraduate and graduate students in life sciences the fundamental principles of mammalian physiology. This course will provide a comprehensive understanding of the concepts of how the body works. Major emphasis will be placed on homeostatic control and integration of body systems. Diseases resulting in dysregulation of these systems will be highlighted throughout. The course will cover cellular physiology, the nervous and endocrine systems, muscle physiology, cardiac physiology, respiratory physiology, blood and immune homeostasis, renal physiology, and gastrointestinal physiology and energy homeostasis. In an active learning style, case studies and sample MCAT questions will be used to bring relevance to covered topics. This course is ideal for those interested in medicine, veterinary medicine, nursing, kinesiology, pharmacy, pharmacology or graduate school in the life sciences.

For more information, please contact the course coordinator:
Dr. Nien-Pei Tsai