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Genetics and Disease
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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The last problem set will be uploaded on Friday. It will not have a due date, but it would be to your benefit to look it over


Reading Assignment 3 can be turned in on either Friday or Monday. All the ppts are done. Grades will be up tonight (12/04/13)


Exam 2 is in 1MEB 253


Problem set 6 is on Moodle. It is due on Friday Oct 18th. The answer key for the multiple choice problems are also on Moodle. We are still working on assigning groups.


No homework will be due next week. Focus on the exam materials.


Study guide for first test taken from syllabus is loaded along with partial practice test on the moodle site Remember there's an extra test help session from 12-1 on Wednesday in or in one of the surrounding classrooms DKH 312 and the regular help session from 4-5 on Wednesday in 312 DKH. If you need a conflict exam, we need to know by Friday afternoon with appropriate documentation.


Class on Friday 09/27/13 is cancelled.

Problem Set 4: Due Friday 09/27/13 at 10am (Class time). Drop it off with Shannon in room 107B Chemical Life Sciences Laboratory

Exam: Thursday October 3rd 6:00pm - 7:30 pm Gregory Hall Room 319. If anyone needs a conflict exam, notify us by Friday afternoon, 9/27/13 2:00pm


Office hours will be held Thursday 09/19/13 in room 312 DKH from 12-1pm. This change only affects this week.


Reading Assignment 1 is on Moodle. It is due on Friday, 09/20/13. Bring a hard copy to class. Write your name AND section number on it.

Problem Set 2 solutions have been posted


Problem Set 1 solutions have been posted.


Problem Set 2 is posted on the Moodle site


Problem set 1: change in question 6d. Changed from:"Centromeres divide and sister chromosomes move to opposite poles." to the correct phrase: "Centromeres divide and sister chromatids move to opposite poles."


Hi Everyone. Please note these important changes. Discussion Section Room Changes: AD1 is now in 317 DKH. AD2 is now in 226 Wohlers. Office Hours/Help Sessions are now every Wednesday from 4pm-5pm in room DKH 312.

Course Website changes: You can still access the note packets from the Moodle site. However, we will also put up the note packets on this website. Just click on the note packets tab on the left hand side.


The first problem set has been posted to Moodle. Remember that it is due next Friday, 9/06/13. Answers will be posted the following Monday, 9/09/13. Enjoy your weekend! Please post on the Moodle Q&A if you have any questions.


Welcome to MCB 316. We will be using a new Moodle site this semester for grades, notes, and a Q&A forum.