In-class Exams: There will be 4 in-class exams, each worth 150 points. The format may include multiple-choice, true-false, short-answer, anatomical labeling and graphical questions.

Date Day Time Exam Results
09/25 M 3-3:50 Exam 1, Chapters 2-7
10/20 F 3-3:50 Exam 2, Chapters 8-12
11/08 W 3-3:50 Exam 3, Chapters 13-17
12/11 M 3-3:50 Exam 4, Chapters 18-25

Make-up/Improvement Exams: There will be 2 make-up/improvement exams held back-to-back during the final exam session. No other conflict or makeup exams will be offered during the semester. Exam 5 will cover the same material as Exams 1 and 2. Exam 6 will cover the same material as Exams 3 and 4. Each exam is 50 minutes in length and worth 150 points (same as the in-class exams). You may take either or both of these exams, even if you took all 4 in-class exams. If you took all 4 in-class exams and are happy with your performance, you DO NOT need to take the make-up/improvement exams during finals week. The date and time slot are FIRM as specified by the published final exam schedule. If you want the flexibility to take these last two exams, do not make travel plans that would require you to leave earlier!

MCB 314 is a non-combined course (i.e., a single section), which means that our final exam slot takes precedence over any combined-section courses that may be in conflict. This typically means that you need to work out any finals-week conflicts with your other course instructors. You can read the UIUC final exam policies here: Student Code pertaining to Final Exams.

Date Day Time Exam Results
12/18 M 1:30-2:20 Exam 5, Chapters 2-12
12/18 M 2:30-3:20 Exam 6, Chapters 13-25

Grading: Your final grade is based on the sum of 4 exam scores as follows:

Top 2 scores from exams 1, 2 & 5: 300 points
Top 2 scores from exams 3, 4 & 6: 300 points
TOTAL (MAX):600 points

Final letter grades are assigned using the following scale:

Grade    Point Range
A+top 5% of class
A >= 545
B 485-504
C 425-444
D 365-384
F<= 344

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