MCB 301
Experimental Microbiology
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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Course Grades

Basis for Course Grades:

Plus and minus letter grades will be used for semester grades.

The Grading Scale is as follows:

A+ 970-1000 C+ 770-799
A 930-969 C 730-769
A- 900-929 C- 700-729
B+ 870-899 D+ 670-699
B 830-869 D 630-669
B- 800-829 D- 600-629
    F less then 600

All point totals are estimates and may be altered slightly throughout the course of the semester. The point totals contained in the following table represent the use of the plus/minus grading system coupled with a 4.0 grade point system. The University has assigned the grade point values shown for each letter grade. Students who earn the points shown below (out of 1000 possible points) will be guaranteed the indicated letter grade. At semester's end, after the final exam, the faculty will analyze the course grade distribution, and may decrease (to accommodate poor class performance on an examination), but will not increase the points needed for each grade.

Listed below are the total possible points for your lecture score:

A. Three exams (50 pts. each)   150 points possible
B. Final Exam (50 pts.)   50 points possible
  Total possible lecture points   200

Listed below are the total possible points for your laboratory score:

A. 11 Pre-lab assignments(lowest 2 dropped)   90 points possible
B. Ten Lab notebooks (pts. vary)   479 points possible
C. One computer-based assignment   41 points possible
D. 11 post-lab assignments (10 pts.each; drop 2)
  90 points possible
F. Lab practical exam (2 parts)   100 points possible
  Total possible lab points   800
  Total possible course points 1000



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