MCB 301
Experimental Microbiology
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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Attendance Policies
Excused Absences / Religious Observances / DRES Accommodations

Lab Absences / Make-up Labs:

  1. Regular class attendance is expected of all students at the University. (

    Attendance in lab is mandatory. The best way for you to learn the course material is through hands-on experience. Students are required to attend two, scheduled laboratory periods each week (1 hour and 50 minutes each). It is important to arrive on time in order to receive all pertinent information. Due to the nature of this course, both your presence and participation are required. Attendance will be recorded at every lab. As a result, you will only be allowed two excused absences for the semester, if warranted. Anything more than this will be considered unexcused, regardless of the reason or documentation. Excused absences will require: 1) contact with the instructor/coordinator within 24 hours of the absence, 2) the completion of the online absence report form, 3) the documentation requested by the instructor/coordinator and 4) an arrangement made for making-up the missed lab period (make-up labs are not guaranteed). Should you find yourself with multiple absences, we will assist you in preparing a petition for a Late Drop should this occur and be necessary after the drop deadline.

    Point penalties will be given at the end of the semester for students with unexcused absences or students who acquire more then two absences. Please refer to the MCB 301 syllabus for the point totals for each lab day.

    There will be some additional lab time required during the bacterial identification exercise in order for the cultures to incubate properly. A schedule of these Open Hours will be provided later. You may come in as necessary to complete the experiments during these times provided that an instructor is present. Students are not allowed in lab unless MCB 301 personnel are present. Students are expected to spend an average of no more than 6 hours total per week in the MCB 301 lab.

  2. Students must attend their scheduled lab section unless they are assigned to a make-up lab. Renee Alt is the only personel able to schedule make-up labs.

  3. Tardiness will also be recorded at every lab:
    a.)<5 minutes late - 0% reduction in points for that lab day
    b.)5-10 minutes late - 25% reduction in points for that lab day (any assignments due are now considered late)
    c.)10-30 minutes late - 50% reduction in points for that lab day
    d.)More than 30 minutes late - No points will be given for that lab day even if all bench work is completed


  5. Students who provide dated documentation of a personal emergency, confining illness, religious conflict or graduate/medical school interview within 48 hours may be allowed to make up missed lab work for credit. Any absence that does not fall into one of these categories will be evaluated by MCB 301 staff on a case-by-case basis. MCB 301 staff will then determine eligibility for make-labs or excused lab days.

  6. Students who have advanced knowledge of events that will conflict with MCB 301 must present acceptable documentation of such events 48 hours prior to their absence. Failure to do so will result in the absence being considered unexcused and result in deduction of points from your lab score (total points deducted dependent upon the day).

  7. Report all lab absences to the Laboratory Coordinator, Renee Alt, in person (232A Burrill Hall) or by e-mail ( within 48 hours.

  8. Documentation for an absence must include relevant names, times, dates and an explanation of the date(s) and reason(s) for absence. NOTE: Absence due to illness will require a note from McKinley Health Center in order to be excused (Dial-a-nurse notes will not be accepted as documentation). Documentation will not be accepted past one week of the absence in question.

  9. For each laboratory absence, students must complete the "Absence Report Form" available at the "Forms" link on the course web site. This form will be automatically forwarded to Renee Alt immediately upon completion. Note that this form may be completed online from any computer, in case of confining illness. Students are also required to submit supporting documentation to Renee Alt (232A Burrill Hall) as specified above. Documentation will not be accepted one week past the absence in question. Extended absences (lasting 3 days or more) will require nothing less than a Dean's letter as proper documentation. The office of the Dean of Students is located in the Turner Student Services Building, 610 E. John Street, Champaign, 217-333-0050. You must request that a representative of that office provide Renee Alt with the necessary information to address your circumstance.

  10. Renee Alt will schedule all make-up labs. Teaching assistants cannot reschedule students to another lab, including their own. Only students who can provide an acceptable reason for an absence, with supporting documentation, will be eligible to make up a missed lab.

    Make-up labs must be made up in another section. If you have an acceptable reason for an absence we will make every effort to accommodate you in another lab section. Dry-labs will not be offered outside regular lab hours. You must make every effort to make another section (must coordinate through Renee Alt) or risk losing points for that day. You are not allowed to attend another lab section without prior approval.

  11. Students in evening lab sections, who have evening exams in other courses, do not qualify for make-up labs.

  12. Class absences before and after vacations (e.g. Thanksgiving Break, Spring Break) are not excusable, except as aforementioned.

  13. Absences, when they occur after the first day of classes but prior to enrollment in the course, will require the use of dropped assignments if applicable.

Religious Observances and Practices:

  1. Students are required to submit the Request for Accommodation for Religious Observances Form (which can be found at to their instructors and the Office of the Dean of Students requesting accommodation by the end of the second week of the course. Requests that are not submitted within this time frame may not be granted. Information about accommodations can be found in the Student Code:

DRES Accommodations:

  1. If a student has DRES (Disability Resources and Educational Services) accommodations, documentation must be submitted to course personnel by the end of the second week of class.

  2. If a student believes that they need DRES accommodations, they should contact DRES at