MCB 253
Experimental Techniques in Cell Biology
School of Molecular & Cellular Biology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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Our Moodle server is currently down. You will be notified via email when it is restored to working order. In the meantime, below you can find all of the documents from Moodle that you will need to prepare for the final exam. Please email Elizabeth Good if you need any additional course materials.

1) Lodish Textbook Readings

2) Appendix

3) Student Materials List

4) Protein Characterization and Localization Protocols

5) Image J Instructions

6) Image J Overlay Instructions

7) Fluorescence Information

8) MCB 253 SP14 Final Exam Study Guide



  1. The Final Exam time for MCB 253 is Tuesday, May 13, 2014 from 1:30-4:30 PM.

  2. The exam location(s) will be emailed to the students before NOON on Thursday, May 8, 2014.

  3. Bring your University photo ID, several sharp #2 pencils and an eraser. You will not need a calculator to complete this exam. No cell phones, electronic devices, or calculators will be allowed in the exam room.

  4. Please do not bring to the exam any backpacks, purses, hats, bags, books, notes, papers, clipboards, or anything other than the items listed in number 3 above; you will be allowed to enter the exam room with these items, but they will be placed away from student seating during the exam. No one will be monitoring who deposits and collects these personal effects, so thefts and mistaken identification of bags can occur. We urge you not to bring valuables to the exam room. You will be asked to place all jackets/coats completely under the chair in which you are seated. In the case that the floor of the exam room is wet, you will be allowed to place jackets/coats at the front or back of the room during the exam. Cell phones, electronic devices, and calculators are prohibited.

    The MCB 253 faculty/staff is not responsible for any of your personal belongings. We strongly suggest you do not bring them to the exam site. The Illini Union Bookstore and the Illini Union have lockers available for temporary storage of such items if you are unable to leave them at home prior to an exam.

  5. In case of illness or personal emergency the day of the exam, contact a dean in your college. Only a dean can excuse a student from a final exam.

  6. A conflict final exam will be given only for students who have met the requirements stated on the Conflict Final Exam Instructions page. Complete and submit a Conflict Final Exam Request Form before 5:00 PM on Wednesday, May 7, 2014, to arrange a conflict final exam.

  7. If you choose to attend a final exam while suffering from illness or family/personal emergency, and you choose to complete the final exam, that exam determines your score.


  1. A Conflict Final Exam will only be given to individuals who find themselves in one of the following situations:

    • Students with three final exams scheduled within a 24 hour period as defined in Section 82.A.4). Final Examinations of the Code of Policies and Regulations Applying to All Students which can be found at

    • Students who have another final exam scheduled at the same time as the MCB 253 final exam.

    • Students who have a verified personal problem, and who have received written permission to take the MCB 253 conflict final exam from a dean in their college.

  2. Any student with one or more of the above situations who would like to take a conflict final must submit a Conflict Final Exam Request Form before 5:00 PM Wednesday, May 7, 2014.

  3. All student requests will be reviewed and students will be contacted as soon as possible via e-mail regarding the status of their request. Following the review of all requests, a conflict exam time and location will be determined, and qualified students will be informed of their eligibility before noon on Thursday, May 8, 2014.