MCB 150
The Molecular and Cellular Basis of Life
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology
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Lecture Material


The following items should be available and should be listed correctly at the Illini Union Bookstore (IUB). They may not be available and it is not guaranteed they will be listed correctly at any other bookstore. Please pay careful attention to dates and editions when purchasing these items. Any items (other than those specifically named below) listed by bookstores as optional or recommended have not been previously approved by the course faculty.


We require three items in MCB 150: a text (casebound or ebook), a workbook, and access to MasteringBiology and Learning Catalytics. These items can be purchased individually or as a package together.

  1. The packaged product is the best deal financially, and it includes all required resources. This is listed through IUB as Biological Science Pkg Custom Reedy ISBN 978-1-32-9944-9 at a cost of $202.75 ince this is our first semester with this text, there are no used copies available yet.

  2. The full text in electronic format (called an e-Book). This is listed through IUB as Mastering Biology Access Card Pearson ISBN 978-1-2693-8187-1 at a cost of $133.35.

    If you choose to be entirely electronic (ebook) you can purchase this item through the publishing company (Pearson Publishing: for a discounted price.

  3. The full text in print format. This is listed through IUB as Molecular & Cellular Biology Freeman ISBN 978-1-2693-8244-1 at a cost of $184.00.

  4. The workbook. This is listed through the IUB as Practicing Biology Student Workbook Freeman ISBN 978-1-3233-8865-5 at a cost of $9.35.


1. A set of two shorter recommended texts have been packaged at a discounted price for you. These texts are listed through the IUB as Thrive In Cell Biology: Custom U of I 2 Vol Pack Cox ISBN 978-0-19-935204-3 at a cost of $65.00.