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The Molecular and Cellular Basis of Life
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology
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the virtual lactose operon

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Lac Operon Overview Tutorial
Take an interactive trip through the Lactose Operon. Get to know the molecules -- what they do, who they interact with, and see them in action!

Single Copy Mutant Scenarios
This tutorial presents situations when mutations are present in key players in lac regulation. Answer questions and test yourself throughout the tutorial. We may or may not cover these individual mutations in lecture, but based on what we do cover in class, there's nothing in here that you wouldn't be expected to figure out on an exam.

Merodiploid Mutant Scenarios
What happens to lac regulation when a second copy of some or all of the genes in the lac operon are added to the cell? Find out by reviewing 5 such situations, and test yourself as you work your way through these tutorials. Most of this is a bit beyond what you would be expected to know for an MCB 150 exam, but the material may help you.