The Cell Cycle and Events of M-Phase

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This was a weekly review question, and I cannot understand why it is false. Can someone please explain? "A human cell divides its chromosomes and its cytoplasm continuously throughout a 24 hour time period."

Remember in class that we talked about how cultured human cells divide once every 24 hours. Interphase is about 95% of the cell cycle. To say that the human cells divide the chromosomes (M phase) and cytoplasm (cytokinesis) continuously would mean that those cells would be doing one M phase followed by cytokinesis followed by another round of M phase and cytokinesis ect. Since M phase and cytokinesis only happen once every 24 hours this is not the case, instead after a cell divides interphase occurs. In the case of cultured human cells interphase accounts for about 23 of the 24 hours (~95%). Hope this clears this up for you.

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