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I have a question about the notes and lecture. I don't know if I am the only one with this difficulty or if other people have this same problem. It's that when I try to copy the notes, I sometimes lose track of what you are discussing and I don't catch on until a few slides later. But, when I devote my attention to listening to what you are saying, then obviously my notes remain incomplete. I realize that the same notes are made available online. Considering my situation, do you think I should just put the notes aisde and listen completely to you? Or should I continue doing both at the same time at the cost of not understanding some of the stuff you say?

If you're truly feeling that you have to choose between comprehension and note-taking, my best advice would be to invest in a small recorder. Most newer models are digital, and can even be plugged into your computer and download an mp3 file of recorded material. By recording the lecture, you can focus more during class on what I'm talking about, and not worry as much about what you're writing down because you can revisit the lecture at a later time.

But one thing to keep in mind is that I leave some of my comments out of the handouts on purpose. There really is no substitute for note-taking, so by leaving some bullet-points unfilled in the handouts, it keeps you actively engaged in the lecture process and improves your recall of the material on the exam. If I didn't think actually writing things down during class was important, I'd give you handouts that exactly matched the slides I show in class. So even if you get a voice recorder, don't let that completely replace your note-taking skills.

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