General, Non-Lecture-Specific Questions

ID #1036

If the question asks which of the following types of bonding is least likely to be found in the tertiary structure of a protein, and one of the answer choices is not a type of bonding found in proteins at all, then does that mean that that choice can't be the answer or that that answer choice is the answer because it will never be found in protein bonding?

I have included this question as a representative example of an important point to keep in mind when preparing for exams, not for the content of the question per se.

My answer to the specific question was as follows:

If you believe you have identified an interaction that isn't found in proteins, and the question is asking about interactions found in proteins, then it would not be a correct answer to that question.

But really, the point I'm trying to make is this: just because an option might be correct doesn't necessarily mean it's what the question is asking about.

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