General, Non-Lecture-Specific Questions

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Can I schedule an appointment with you to ask questions about lecture material, since I have classes and labs during your office hours?

In a perfect world, yes. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world. The "golden rule" by which I try to run MCB 150 is that what I do for one student I have to be willing and able to do for every student. In this case, it's not a matter of willing, it's a matter of able. If I were to make myself available for an extra 30 minute or 1 hour appointment with one student, I'd have to be able to do the same for anyone else that wanted to take advantage of that opportunity. And I'm sure you can realize that in a course as large as ours, there simply aren't enough times in a week to give everyone that extra time.

The good news is that if you've made it this far into the FAQ, you see that other resources are available to you to get your questions answered in the unfortunate circumstance that you are unable to attend any of my office hours. I monitor these forums diligently and try not to fall too far behind in getting those questions answered. And since a lot of the questions that come up for you will have come up for classmates or former students, there's a good chance your question has already been asked and answered in MasteringBiology or in this FAQ. If not, ask away on our MasteringBiology forums and we'll get you an answer as soon as we can.

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