Endoplasmic Reticulum

ID #1256

The N-linked glycosylation process makes sense, but what is the point of trimming, why are glucose monomers and one more monomer removed from the 14-mer, and why are they on there in the first place?

These are all good questions. The purpose of the trimming of the 14-mer into a 10-mer is to implement some "quality control." There is sort of a cycle of folding, error checking, and refolding going on the ER that is beyond what we've learned in class. Only when all of the appropriate steps have been allowed to take place, resulting in the 10-mer, is the protein recognized as ready to continue the journey to the Golgi. As for why the carbohydrate groups are there to begin with, this will hopefully be much more clear after our lectures on the Golgi and lysosomes. Hold on to those questions for a few lectures, and if they don't get answered to your satisfaction, feel free to ask again.

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