Endoplasmic Reticulum

ID #2451

Are GPI anchors always added to the C-terminus of transmembrane proteins (like the picture in the book and in lecture 27)? I would imagine that they could be added to whatever terminus is in the lumen of the ER. Also, I'm guessing that they are only attached to single-pass transmembrane proteins. It's hard to tell if what Professor Mehrtens said in lecture and the picture in the book is just an example, or if that's the way GPI anchors always work.

The lecture and text are showing you the way GPI anchors work. GPI anchors are added on proteins where there is a C-terminal GPI anchoring signal sequence. You don't need to know that signal for this class. The point of the single pass transmembrane region is just to hold the protein at the membrane while attaching the anchor, so there wouldn't be a reason to have a multipass transmembrane region on proteins destined for GPI anchoring. 

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