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I was just looking over my notes and I had written down something about mitochondrial peptidases but can't really figure out what. The name makes it sound like its hydrolyzing an amino acid sequence somewhere. But where in that diagram of mitochondrial protein import is the peptidase acting and what is it hydrolyzing? Also does this require the use of ATP?

Just like in the ER where you need an enzyme called signal peptidase to remove signal peptides, in the mitochondria you need to remove the presequence from proteins that enter the matrix. Only instead of calling this enzyme signal peptidase, we call it mitochondrial processing peptidase, or MPP for short.

As far as whether or not it requires ATP, think about what it's doing. Either of these proteases (or more specifically, peptidases) are breaking covalent bonds between amino acids. Is this an exergonic or endergonic process? Will it require a significant input of energy?

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