Spring 2017 Getting Started

ID #2480

If I am unable to complete my homework assignment for some technical reason, what happens to my grade?

Well, there's good news and bad news. The bad news is that once an assignment closes, there is absolutely no way for a student to re-open, re-do, or complete that assignment, regardless of the reason for not completing it.

Now, before getting too upset by this, understand how we have structured the Mastering homework assignments in this class. The homework category will have ample opportunity for extra credit, so these missed points should be easy to recover. And on top of that, we allow students to miss 10% of their pre- and post-class questions for any reason before it even begins to affect your grade. A pre-class assignment, for example, may be worth 3-5 questions out of over 500 questions that will be asked over the course of the semester.
In other words, we understand that technical issues can be frustrating, but we'll get through them and it won't actually affect your grade.

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