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Who exactly is MCB 151 appropriate for?

Pre-health profession students are generally expected to complete a year of introductory biology with lab in order to meet admissions requirements. MCB and IB majors will be taking upper-level lab courses, and these are happily substituted for freshman-level labs. But a non-biology major who never takes those upper-level lab courses needs a lab experience in biology to be competitive.  MCB 151 and IB 151 provide that lab experience.

It's also worth noting that any student who takes MCB 151 and later completes MCB 251 (a required course in the major and minor) will not get to use the hour of credit for 151 towards graduation, so it's a reasonable question to ask yourself: are you likely to graduate as an MCB major or minor?  If so, don't take MCB 151.  If not, it's a great class to fulfill an admissions requirement.

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