Spring 2017 Getting Started

ID #2476

I have purchased the etext, and wonder if I still need to buy access to learning catalytics? If I do need to buy the access code, How long do I buy it for? The 6 months one or the 12 months one?

There are two places you may have purchased an access code for MasteringBiology: the bookstore or direct from Pearson.  If you purchased an access card from the bookstore, it includes MasteringBiology access, eText access, and Learning Catalytics access.

If you purchased direct from Pearson, you had a choice of "with eText" or "without eText" to get access to MasteringBiology.  If you chose the "with eText" option, it also includes Learning Catalytics as well. If you chose "without eText" as your option, you will be prompted to pay for a Learning Catalytics subscription the first time you attempt to access Learning Catalytics for class. If you think you might take another class that uses Learning Catalytics (like IB 150), a 12 month subscription will save a few dollars. If you somehow know for sure that MCB 150 is the only class you'll have in the next year that uses Learning Catalytics, the 6 month subscription is the smart choice.

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