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I was wondering what I should do about the fact that my laptop wasn't loading during the first Learning Catalytics question during the lecture today. The page wouldn't load, and I just wanted to know if there was anything that could be done about it, just because I don't find it fair that I was here and was prepared, but couldn't answer the question because of a technological issue.

Actually, I agree that it's not fair that technology issues occasionally prevent students from completing assignments in our class, which is precisely why we created the adjusted grading scales that I talked so much about on the second day of the semester.  If you'll recall, we have an unknown number of Learning Catalytics questions throughout the semester, and we calculate your percentage correct.  That percentage is then applied to a scale out of 100 points, which has been adjusted to where 80% correct in Learning Catalytics equals all 100 points.  In other words, you can miss 20% of all Learning Catalytics points before it even begins to affect your grade.  This is our way of acknowledging that there will be times when students are unable to complete a question, either because they are not present or unable to obtain a wireless signal.  This has proven over the last several years to be the most equitable way to address these issues while at the same time not overwhelming us with hundreds of students reporting connectivity issues we cannot verify.

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