DNA Structure and Replication

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If sister chromatids run top to bottom, then in Mitosis does the chromosome split top half from bottom half. What I mean is does each daughter cell receive exactly one copy of the mother's genome and exactly one copy of the father's genome? Is eukaryotic DNA replication slower than prokaryotic replication?

Imagine you have two identical pencils held together, with their erasers at one end and their leads at the other end. Your job is to move an intact pencil to the left, and another intact pencil to the right. Would you break the pencils in half and then separate them that way? Wouldn't you end up with two erasers on one side and two leads on the other side? Sister chromatids are like those pencils.


You might not recognize this, but your second question is not really the same as your first. A pair of sister chromatids is NOT one from your mom and one from your dad. 


For your last question, yes, replication in eukaryotes is about 10X slower than the rate of replication in bacteria, mostly because of all the chromatin organization. That's why eukaryotes have multiple origins of replication, to get the job done in a biologically relevant amount of time.

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