DNA Structure and Replication

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I do not really understand the extent of the definition of "template"...so is it what is exactly copied, or in some cases (I'm not good at analogies) can it be like a blueprint in a different language that needs to be interpreted, before making the product? I am asking this because in lecture, you said that we describe these enzymes with "x dependent y synthesizing enzyme", where x is the blueprint used and y is what is produced. I hope this makes some sense. I am tired and tried not to be too specific in order to follow the rules; I might just be over thinking it.

Yeah, I think you might be overthinking this one. When we use the word template, we're just referring to the strand of nucleic acid that a DNA- or RNA-synthesizing enzyme is using as the "instruction" for what base to add next. The template is the nucleic acid, the enzyme is the tool that is copying the template.

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