DNA Structure and Replication

ID #1502

When something refers to "Nucleosome core" does that infer only the histone protiens that are wrapped within the DNA strand (Core Histones) or does it mean all Histones present in chromatin?

The nucleosome core includes the core histones, but not necessarily all of the molecules that are part of a "bead" in the "beads on a string" form of chromatin. The linker histone, H1, is not part of a core nucleosome, but is part of a unit that includes more than just the core nucleosome, called a chromatosome. The chromatosome includes the 8 core histones, the DNA wrapped around those core histones, the H1 linker histone, and the DNA that is in contact with H1 but not in direct contact with the core histones.

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