DNA Structure and Replication

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Is there any other difference between DNA replication in Bacteria and Eukaryote besides the number of ori? Also, do Archaea have the same DNA replication process as an Eukaryote does? My first guess is "NO" because archae is similar in bacteria's structure;therefore, it should have circular DNA and maybe just one ori as well. Please correct me if I am wrong!

Differences in DNA replication between bacteria and eukaryotes includes the number of ori, the fact that bacteria have circular genomes and eukaryotes have linear chromosomes, and technically the DNA Polymerases are different. (DNA replication in E. coli was described in lecture, but it is good to know that the names of the polymerases differ in eukaryotes). Archaea have circular genomes like bacteria (and probably one ori), but to be honest I don't know much about how replication works in archaea and you won't need to know that for the exam. 

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